Brigitte Radecki was born in Germany, immigrated to Canada as a child and currently lives and
works in Montreal and Cape Breton Island, Canada. She received her BFA and MFA from
Concordia University in Montreal and has shown her work throughout Canada, as well as
Europe (Lyon, France; Erfurt, Germany) and the US (Dallas, Texas). She has been a recipient of
several grants. Her work is in private as well as corporate, and public collections such as the
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada Council Art Bank, Air Canada and the National Bank of

Artists Statement

From the beginning of my practice, I have maintained a feminist perspective and a
questioning of modernism. Conceptual queries and artistic explorations have taken
several aesthetic and formal paths, be it the environmental structures of the 1980’s,
the text-based painting installations Miss Lonelyhearts and The Black Notebooks or
the recent Flatland series of shaped, abstract panels. I have never sought to
develop a consistent voice, as I question the deeply embedded modernist notion of
artistic originality. However, based on stylistic conventions and the work of artists
from the past, plus the use of strategies of chance, the work becomes my own.

As well, I seek to re-examine aspects of that which is disparaged such as ornament
and the decorative and validate them as contributing to the history of abstract art as
it emerged in modernism.

All of my conceptual queries reflect concerns of continuing social significance,
such as the voice of women in society and, more specifically, women’s cultural
production and the binary polarities of thought that dominate our current social,
cultural and political discourses. I have sought to articulate these issues in a visual
language that engages the viewer and causes them to question their perceptual and
intellectual assumptions.

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